How to search for content?

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Search is on the Library home page, which is the default starting page each time you visit My Vision Australia account page after you sign in. On this page, you can search the Library catalogue by entering the words you want to search for into the simple Search edit box and pressing the Enter key or activating the Search button.

TIP: If you cannot find what you are searching for in the catalogue, first check that you have spelled it correctly. Then try broadening your search by typing only one or two keywords that you know are in the title. If your title still cannot be found, it is possible that the title is not in our Library collection. In this case please contact the Library.

  • For more complex searches you can use the Advanced Search page to display additional search options. Currently the fields under search options allow you to restrict your search to a particular format, language, title, author, narration type and categories.
  • Search results are grouped into 3 different tabs: Books, Periodicals and Music Braille. Each tab identifies how many results are returned within each type. Ten results are displayed on each page by default with the ability to increase to 20, and there are Move to Next Page and Move to Previous Page links that you can use to move between the pages of the search results. Some basic information is displayed for each item in the list. More details about the item can be viewed by selecting the title link which will open the Item Details page. Search results are sorted by relevance by default, which means they will be ordered based on the closest match to your keywords. Matches found in the title will always be listed first followed by matches in other details such as author, publisher and synopsis.